Information in English

This page provides brief information about the activities of the Hamina Figure Skating Club.

Detailed information can be found in Finnish at the links provided in the publications.

You can write and ask questions in English/Finnish/Russian by e-mail

Information on this page is updated

Game rules for skaters:

Let's greet everyone and encourage others.
Let's get to practice on time.
Let's give the other skaters peace of mind to practice and focus on our own work.
Let's respect the coach and follow his instructions. NOTE! The coach has the right to remove a skater who behaves improperly from practice.
No unnecessary chatter during training.
Let's remember good manners; no yelling in the locker room or on the ice. Chewing gum off during training. Do not kick the ice on purpose.
We dodge the skater doing the program and follow the events on the ice. We also avoid faster speeds on the ice.
The attachments are done properly and with care.
Let's take care of our own things.

Choreography rules:

I come to class on time
I go to the toilet before class starts
I dress in the agreed dance outfit
I tie my long hair back

The best option is a bodysuit/gymnastics top and shorts or leggings. You can wear socks in the gym, soft ballet slippers are a very good option! A mat and a drinking bottle should also be included in the choreography. K1 group members also bring indoor shoes to class.